Meet the Business Representatives

Western Region



Michael Chambliss | (323) 969-2704
Michael Chambliss has been a Business Rep for Local 600 since 2012, with a focus on new technology and workflows. His first union experience was as a United Steelworkers member while working his way through school. Michael began shooting commercials and industrials, earned a Peabody Award as a documentary Director/DP, and started Chambliss-Wolff Films, an Atlanta-based commercial production company that grew to include three stages, and “The Camera Department,” an ARRI rental house. Joining Local 644 as a Director of Photography in 1992, he continued to shoot commercials and smaller features, while also working as a camera operator on studio films and TV series. Active in digital imaging issues since the days of Windows 3.51 and Apple System 7, Michael has been part of patented workflow developments and is an active voice for the Local on technical committees and with professional groups.

Darby Newman | (323) 969-2710
Darby Newman has been a Business Rep for Local 600 since the spring of 2021. He worked in the film and television industry for over 20 years, with the last 11 as a 1st Assistant/technician. Darby’s first union experience was as a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 351 from 2000-2002. He started his entertainment career on the East Coast with small film and commercial projects before moving to California in 2002 and joining Local 600 in 2006. Darby worked primarily in the scripted television arena with other time spent on features, commercials, and nearly 100 music videos in the early stages of his career. After over 30,000 hours on set, Darby decided he wanted to do something different. He wanted to actively help people and have a more direct experience aiding his fellow union members. Darby brings his experience in the field to relate and to assist members in any way he can. Darby is the proud father of a daughter with special needs and is a member of many online support groups that advocate for these children. He seeks to do even more as she grows and changes. Darby brings his strong work ethic, attention to detail, boundless energy, compassion, and sense of humor to every assignment.

Ryan Sullivan | (323) 793-0040
Ryan Sullivan has been a Business Representative for Local 600 since the Spring of 2021. After graduating college, Ryan started his film and television career as a production assistant, eventually working his way into the camera department. In 2010 he joined Local 600 as a 2nd AC, mainly working on unscripted projects filming in locations around the world. After his first daughter was born, he transitioned to scripted television and features closer to home to be with his family. Seeing the benefits of solidarity early in his career left an impression on him to always do what he could to help his fellow crewmembers. With experience on unscripted and scripted television, music videos, documentaries, commercials, and features, Ryan has experienced the many challenges that our members go through in different genres and is able to bring that work experience with him when assisting Local 600 members.

Central Region


Heather Crowell | (470) 436-3605
Heather has been an activist and staunch fighter for women and minorities for the last 35 years. She has volunteered as a legal advocate for a battered woman’s network and is Past President of her local chapter of PEO, a philanthropic organization that helps women with education via scholarships and grants. She has sat on the Board of Directors for multiple organizations. Her career in labor leadership began 14 years ago. As a District Representative with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers she participated in grievance mediation, negotiations, and legislative lobbying on Capitol Hill. She has been involved in Employee Assistance, Critical Incident Response and Professional Standards programs. She has had formal training with the National Mediation Board and holds a master’s degree in Union Leadership and Administration with a minor in Labor Law from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When she’s not working, you’ll find her busy with her 1905 farmhouse renovation and spending time with her two college age children.

Ayketa Iverson | (404) 922-2450
Ayketa Iverson has over 20 years of experience working in the labor movement, organizing, politics, civic engagement, community service, recruitment and human resources. 14 of those years were spent with the AFL-CIO advancing progressively in roles that include (most recently) National Recruitment Coordinator for the Organizing Institute. Ayketa transitioned in October 2017 to work for the Minority Caucus Whip Carolyn Hugley in the Georgia state House of Representatives. Before coming to work at ICG Local 600 as the Central Region Business Representative, she worked for The Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley as the Civic Engagement Coordinator. She managed several projects with organizations in several key states that work on civic engagement year-round.

Jack R. Nealy | (352) 409-2129
Jack Nealy has been a Business Rep for Local 600 since May 2008. He is responsible for achieving the Guild’s goals in the states of Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, Southern Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Florida. In addition to sitting on the Executive Board of the LFEA, Jack is the Education Chairman of the Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association, the liaison between the Entertainment Industry and the educational system in the State of Louisiana. The Business Manager of IATSE Local 477, from 2005-2008, Jack represented the Studio Mechanics of Florida, his home state. Prior to 2005, Jack worked as a Lighting Technician. As a Stagehand and member of IATSE Local 631, Jack worked Broadway tours as a flyman and was a high rigger working arena concert tours. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Jack served on the U.S.S. Concord AFS-5. Happily married to wife Pamela, they currently reside in New Orleans.

Winona Wacker | (312) 243-3841
Winona, a Los Angeles native, has been an active member of Local 600 for 16 years, working as a 2nd AC and Loader. She is involved with the Western Region Women's Committee and represented Local 600 at the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) convention in Las Vegas. Winona's strong union foundation was laid early by her immigrant parents, a kindergarten teacher and a Local 399 Teamster. At age 11, after spending time with her father on set, Winona knew that she wanted to work in the camera department. In junior high, Winona was involved with the Los Angeles Youth Coalition, a group of young activists engaged in global and local issues from social justice to the environment. She continued to pursue her interest in activism and in photography and film throughout high school and college. Her passion for both the craft of filmmaking and for activism guide her work and make her a strong addition to the team. 

Eastern Region


John Amman | (212) 647-7300
John Amman is a Business Representative in the ICG New York Office. He handles all manner of contracts for the local, but specializes in Commercials, multicamera TV specials, and other non-theatrical productions. This includes negotiating and administering live television event agreements and organizing this area of work. John also represents ICG on the New York Production Alliance, an industry working group, and has been involved in lobbying efforts on behalf of the film/TV industry in New York. John started with IATSE Local 644 in 1990, so has been with ICG Local 600 since before its inception. He has an MS in Collective Bargaining from the NY State School of Industrial Labor Relations, Cornell University. John is the author of articles on labor relations in the film and television industry. He has also contributed to books about the link between the high tech and entertainment industries.

Anna Nowlan | (212) 647-7300
Second generation of Labor and Community Organizers. Anna’s passion for the Labor Movement and Community Activism can be traced back to her teenage years, where she was introduced to Organizing and eventually recruited to work for one of the largest public sector unions in the United States and Puerto Rico. With over 15 years of experience in organizing and representing workers in private and public sector Anna is committed to ensure that our members issues and concerns are addressed and resolved on a timely manner. Anna is fluent in Spanish. Former teaching fellow at the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute, she has had success in training rank -n- file members, building organizing committees, led successful organizing campaigns was highly regarded by the members she represented. While her experience is mainly in the public and private sector, Anna is intrigued and fascinated with the film and television industry and has a profound respect for Local 600 members and the vital role they play in the industry.