"The Reality of Reality" (ICG Panel at Cine Gear)

15 May 2018

To meet the demands of unscripted TV audiences, camera operators, directors of photography and lighting directors are combining real-time, visual know-how with unique, predesigned approaches to storytelling. The end result is a new, multi-faceted reality TV aesthetic that ranges from fresh takes on “realism” to polished awards show patinas, all looks that are increasingly in demand by traditional episodic and motion picture filmmakers. Learn from some of the best how unscripted DPs, lighting directors, and camera operators manage the day, compose, light, capture and interpret the action, and coordinate with other departments to create a palette of new “unscripted looks.”

Derth Adams, Operator
Michael Dean, Director of Photography
Oscar Dominguez, Lighting Director
Gretchen Warthen, Operator

Saturday, June 2 at 10:15 am

Cine Gear at Paramount Studios, Sherry Lansing Theater

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