California Wildfires Disaster Relief

12 November 2018

Our hearts go out to all the Californians and their communities devastated by the fires. For Local 600 members who have been impacted, we have listed various industry resources below. In addition, we understand the IATSE will soon be offering additional resources. As soon as that information is available, we will provide it here on our website. We thank the many firefighters, emergency responders, volunteers, and helpers in their efforts to assist people in those affected areas.

Actors Fund

The Actors Fund provides information for disaster relief on their website. For assistance on any disaster resources through the Actors Fund, contact Local 600 dedicated representative Codi Mergliano at (323) 933-9244, ext 417. The Actors Fund also administers Local 600's Hardship Fund and can assist members who would like to apply for financial relief through that fund (see below). 


Letter from Bob Beitcher | President & CEO (11/28/2018)

Members of the film and television community in Southern California affected by the wildfires can contact MPTF at (323) 634-3888 for assistance.

The residents at the MPTF home in Woodland Hills have returned to campus after being temporarily evacuated. The LA Fire Dept. and LA Police Dept. have advised them to shelter in place. In the event of additional fire threats, LAPD and LAFD have plans and resources in place to surround and defend the MPTF campus. Additional info will be provided to family as needed or by calling (818) 876-1075.

Local 600 Hardship Fund

Local 600 members who have experienced financial hardship as the results of an injury, illness, or a manmade or natural disaster which prevents them from working can request a Hardship Grant by filling out an online Hardship Fund Application (see below). For assistance, contact the Local or Cody Mergliano at The Actors Fund at (323) 933-9244, ext 417.

Hardship Fund Application (Online Form)
Download Hardship Fund Application (PDF)

Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation

IATSE members can request financial relief to assist with recovery through the Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation. Submit a letter with your name, present contact information, as well as a brief description of the reason you are seeking assistance to Deborah Leatherman at

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