George Spiro Dibie (1931-2022)

10 February 2022

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing of former Local 600 National President, George Spiro Dibie, ASC, earlier today, Tuesday, February 8, 2022, at his home in Los Angeles.

"George Dibie was an inimitable force within our local, our craft, the film community, and the labor movement, serving first as President of Local 659, and then, post-merger, as National President of Local 600. In all, Dibie served as a union leader for 20 years, 1984 - 2004. But the numbers fail to accurately tally the thousands of lives he touched both at his work on sets and through his leadership of Local 600. Even newer members who may never have met him continue to reap the benefits of his dedication to garnering respect for our craft and our union. His warmth and generosity are and will always be remembered and will guide us into the future. We send our condolences to his family and join them in mourning his loss." 
- John Lindley, ASC

George Spiro Dibie was a member of the DGA, served on the Board of Governors at the ASC, and was a member of the Television Academy's Cinematography Branch. Among his many accomplishments and accolades, George picked up an astounding 5 Emmy Awards for his work on Mr. Belvedere, Growing Pains, Just the Ten of Us, and Sister, Sister, and was nominated for a total of 12 Emmys. In 2008, George received the prestigious Television Career Achievement Award from the ASC and, that same year, was acknowledged by the SOC with the Distinguished Service Award. In 2009, George was honored by Local 600 with the Kodak Award at the Emerging Cinematographers Awards for his work in founding and cultivating the ICG's award ceremony, celebrating up-and-coming talents within the Local.

In the coming days, the Local will share information about any memorials or tributes which celebrate and honor the life of George Spiro Dibie.

Friends and Colleagues Reflect on the Life and Legacy of George Dibie, ASC

Donald A. Morgan, ASC, and George Dibie, ASC, at the Emmy Awards in 1985

Donald A. Morgan, ASC

"I was introduced to George in 1979 at MetroMedia. He was a DP Lighting Consultant. ‘Hey Sexy!” He was so generous with his talent and wisdom and I was a sponge. He wanted to stay in touch and helped me join the American Society of Lighting Directors. By 1984 I was at ABC, they hired George as DP to do the pilot of Mr. Belvedere and he asked for me to be the LD. We won an Emmy and in his acceptance speech he said “Its nice to see Black and Gold on this stage…”  From then on our bond was forever. He guided me through 659 and the merger of 600. George was my Sponsor for ASC Membership in 2000. He will always be remembered as a leader who has done so much for young cinematographers and shown patience and grace in helping to unite our business. I will miss you, my dear friend."

Stephen Lighthill, ASC

"George began the training activities of Local 600 with an annual two-day lighting workshop. These workshops featured several cinematographers on a three-wall set facing the audience of 600 members. I did participate in several workshops both in LA and NYC. Most were standing room only and made clear there was a desire and need for comprehensive training programs. George encouraged the Officers and NEB to form a training committee. When George retired from the leadership of 600, he began an ASC outreach to schools and colleges that complimented the ICG training efforts. For the many years George was active in the ASC, he brought hundreds of students into the ASC clubhouse to meet ASC cinematographers. George was a force of nature: just as he wrangled the three individual locals, 659, 644 and the midwestern 666 (sic) into a national local, at ASC George began an educational outreach that was, in my opinion, long overdue."

Bruce Doering, former National Executive Director of Local 600

"George Dibie was a transformative figure in our lives and our industry. Armed with a vision, a desire to serve the members and tons of charm and goodwill, George gave us all a sense of what was possible. And he backed it up with a plan of action: welcome new members; merge the three camera locals into one, powerful nationwide force; make Local 600 members the best trained craftspeople anywhere in the world. Everyone who worked for him loved him. I was lucky enough to be one of them."

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