Local 600 Panels at Cine Gear Expo 2022

01 June 2022

The premier event for professionals engaged in the film and entertainment technology industry. Taking place June 9 - 12 with exhibits June 9 - 11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Cine Gear features exhibits, new product and service introductions, complimentary seminars led by industry leaders, and ample opportunity to network with peers.

● June 9 – 11 — Film Competition Screenings, Exhibits, Premier Seminars, Awards Presentations, Special Events
● June 12 - Master Classes

Updates to the exhibitor list, event map, schedule, presentation topics, and speakers will be posted to the website regularly. http://www.cinegearexpo.com. Questions? Please contact the Cine Gear Office at (310) 472-0809 or info@cinegearexpo.com

Attendee Registration is Open
All attendees must complete the Cine Gear Badge online registration process. http://www.cinegearexpo.com/la-expo-attendee-registration. Registration is free until 11:59 pm PDT on Friday, June 3, 2022.

Establishing a Culture of On-Set Safety
June 11, 10:15 - 11:30 AM
Hosted by International Cinematographers Guild IATSE Local 600

You have the right to a safe and healthy workplace. Achieving that requires building a culture of awareness, information, communication, action, and guidance. Local 600 members have made a long-term commitment to establishing this culture on every set and there are a lot of moving pieces. See the videos produced by the Local 600 Safety Committee to build a broader awareness of some of the hazards we can face, catch-up on advancements made around the practice of free driving, RF safety, and extended takes, learn about how to handle safety concerns on-set, the steps being taken toward legislative action and how CSATF safety bulletins developed by a joint labor-management safety committee are being recognized as the industry standard for productions around the world. Join the discussion about the ongoing efforts to build a culture of on-set safety.


  • Rebecca Rhine, National Executive Director of IATSE Local 600
  • Patrick Cady, ASC, Director of Photography

Moderator: Michael Chambliss, ICG Production Technology Specialist and Business Representative

The "Sustainable Production" panel at this year's NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Sustainable Production: The Path to Net Zero Climate Impact
June 11, 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Hosted by International Cinematographers Guild IATSE Local 600 and the Local 600 Green Committee
Moving creative visions from script to screen is a business, and it consumes energy and resources while generating waste and carbon emissions. In response to the growing threat of climate change, environmentally conscious studios, producers, vendors, and crew members are making significant strides toward guiding our industry in a more sustainable direction. Join industry leaders who are literally writing the book on sustainable production in a discussion about the progress that has been made, studio goals, and how technical innovations and clean energy solutions are shifting day-to-day practices on set.


  • Diana Pokorny, Producer and PGA Green Production Guide Task Force
  • Jendra Jarnagin, ICG Local 600 Director of Photography
  • Adrienne Pfeiffer, Sustainable Production Supervisor for Lucas Film

Moderator: Michael Chambliss, ICG Production Technology Specialist and Business Representative

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