IATSE Reaches Agreement on Low Budget Theatrical Agreement

26 October 2016

The IATSE recently announced that it has reached a new three-year agreement with producers of Low-Budget Theatrical projects. The agreement, effective January 1, 2017, remains largely unchanged except for the following elements:

  • Wage increases of 3% each year effective January 1st and compounded
  • Increases in the Budget Tier levels One, Two and Three in the first year only
  • The Ultra-Low Budget Tier remains unchanged

Tier 1
: Below $6.0 million 
Tier 2: $6.0 to $10.0 million 
Tier 3: $10 to $14.2 million 

All other terms and conditions of employment, including daily and weekend turnaround and triple time after fifteen (15) hours, were preserved. Copies of the new agreement will be made available once they are printed.

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