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23 May 2024

MPI Strike Relief Update (2/28/2024)

MPI is providing No-Cost COBRA for certain benefit periods to help Participants and dependents affected by the 2023 Work Stoppage. Read the full update here.

Resources from the Entertainment Community Fund, MPTF and First Entertainment Credit Union

Health Insurance Options When You Don't Qualify for MPI [VIDEOS]

Western Region
Annette Greene from Entertainment Health Insurance Solutions (EHIS), a joint program of the Entertainment Community Fund and MPTF, led an online presentation followed by a Q&A with Local 600 members in California on Tuesday, August 8, over Zoom. The presentation covered the basics of Covered CA, plan options, how premiums are calculated, and how to enroll. View slides from the presentation. If you are a California resident who could not make the August 8 webinar, Local 705 held a Town Hall where Annette Greene gave a presentation outlining options for IATSE members who may be in danger of losing MPI health coverage. View the video presentation here

Eastern Region
On Monday, August 21, Renata Marinaro, LMSW, National Director of Health Services for the Entertainment Community Fund, gave an online presentation for Eastern Region members who don't qualify for MPI and are looking for affordable healthcare coverage options. View the video presenation here

MPTF: Stepping Up in an Urgent Time of Need

If you are in need of financial assistance due to the work stoppage or seeking aid in concern to your physical or mental health, please call the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) at (323) 634-3888. Help is available.

Hardship & Strike Assistance from First Entertainment Credit Union

Members in need of financial assistance can look to First Entertainment Credit Union for help. They offer many resources including:

  • Skip-A-Pay
    • Enables eligible members to defer a monthly payment on their Auto or Personal Loan without impacting their credit rating.
  • Stretch Loans
    • A low-cost alternative to cover unexpected expenses and bills and easily bridge the gap between paychecks.
  • Emergency Loan Relief
    • Apply for a special Emergency Relief Loan with autopay from a First Entertainment Checking Account.


Mental Health Support at Your Fingertips

Resources from the Entertainment Community Fund, Motion Picture and Television Fund, Behind the Scenes, and more are available to members and their loved ones who find themselves in need of mental health support. Don't be afraid to reach out and seek help. Learn more.

Region-Specific Resources Available

Whether you are looking for unemployment information or health and human services related information, we've got you covered. Check out the state-by-state lists of resources available:

Eastern Region
Central Region
Western Region

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