7 Steps to Practice Safe Sets

1. Download the Safety App

Download the ICG Safety App on your mobile devices. Search "ICG Safety" in the Google Play or App Store

2. Display the Poster

Call your local union office to request an Unsafe Hours poster delivered to your set and post it in a common area (craft service, camera truck, etc.). Or download and print the poster (recommended size is 11x17).

3. Post your Message Online

Download a "Practice Safe Sets" placard. Choose one of six templates or create your own and then post on social media.

4. Slap on Safety Stickers

Call your local union office to request 2017 Safety on Set (In Memory of Sarah Jones) sticker(s) or Practice Safe Sets sticker(s). Proudly display these stickers on your carts, equipment, etc. or click the thumbnail below to download.

5. Save the ICG Safety Hotline to your Contacts

(877) 424-4685 (877-ICG-HOTLINE)

6. Answer the Daily Safety Questions 

Download the Daily Safety Questionnaire. Make sure you and every crew member in your department knows the answers to these questions for every location or stage that you shoot at.

7. Sign Up for a Safety Class 

  • IATSE Training Trust Fund Calendar
  • IATSE Training Trust Fund Supported Courses & Other Courses
  • Online Safety Training**
  • Application
  • Free safety training for Local 600 motion picture workers who are not eligible for training through contract services. These online courses are available to all individuals who are not on the Industry Experience Roster, performing work under Local 600 Agreements in the Motion Picture Industry. 
    **Important Note: This course is being offered on a voluntary basis without compensation. If you are eligible to take the course through Contract Services because you are on the Industry Experience Roster, you should avail yourself of that option.