​Safety Rides & Rooms Initative (PDF)

How does it work? Local 600 will reimburse members who pay for a ride (round-trip when necessary) or a room when they find themselves too tired to drive home safely. For rides, UBER, LYFT, a taxi or a car service, or a designated driver service that will drive your car to your home are acceptable, and two-way transportation is eligible. When a ride is not available, a nearby motel or hotel not to exceed $200 is eligible. Read more about Rides & Rooms.

"Take the Room" Bag (PDF)

Under the Basic, Low Budget, AICP, Videotape, Pay TV and Area Standards Agreements, rooms or rides are mandatory after 14 hours (15 under the AICP) worked. In 2018, the Committee for the Future (presently known as the Active Engagement Committee) recognized that there was a need and initiated the Take the Room (or Ride) campaign. The Local 600 Safety Committee encourages members to TAKE THE ROOM and has created these bags for members to stock their essentials in preparation for taking the room. Learn more about the bags here.

Safety Bill of Rights (PDF)

How to protect yourself and others by exercising your rights.
It is the employers’ responsibility to provide a safe workplace, but we must be vigilant and protect ourselves at work when an employer does not fulfill that obligation. The Safety Bill of Rights provides answers to the following questions:

  1. Can I stop working if asked to do something unsafe?
  2. What should I/we do and say?
  3. What protects me/us if I/we do this?
  4. Can I/we be fired for doing this?
  5. What if I am fired or retaliated against for raising safety issues?
  6. What else do I/we need to do?
  7. Other important steps:

... Read the Safety Bill of Rights here

Return to Work Safety Protocols (NEW)

Safety protocols for returning to work (full Agreement and Summary) in English and Spanish, Safety protocols for Commercial Productions (full Agreement & Summary)