Local 600's Hardship Fund

Application for Financial Assistance from the Hardship Fund

Please be sure to collect all of the required documentation PRIOR to filling out an application. Applications submitted without the proper information will not be processed. More information on the Local 600 Hardship Fund can be found on the Entertainment Community Fund's website (formerly The Actors Fund).

2023 Work Stoppage Hardship Fund

If you're affected by and experiencing financial hardship due to the current work stoppage you can apply for financial assistance through the Entertainment Community Fund and Local 600 Hardship Fund by visiting https://entertainmentcommunity.org/am-i-eligible-help. Only one application is needed. Once submitted, your application will be assessed for both funds.
To establish eligibility through industry earnings, please provide your three most recent years of earnings that total up to a minimum of $6,500/year or more. This can be documented with a paystub showing a YTD at a minimum of $6,500, an annual W2, or by pulling a pension report from your MPI profile for each year (i.e., 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023). Tax returns are not accepted as verification of earned industry income.
Specific to the Hardship Fund, you will need either your 2023 membership card or a letter from Local 600 verifying you were in good standing as of January 2023. You can do this by emailing Accounting@icg600.com. Once you have the letter, you can upload it into the section that asks for 'Union Card.' 
Currently, the Entertainment Community Fund is able to provide one grant to applicants applying for financial assistance due to the Film and Television work stoppage. If we are able to offer second grants, we will update our website accordingly at entertainmentcommunity.org/gethelp.