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Local 600's bargaining survey is open November 8 through November 17. If you work under the Basic Agreement and did not receive a survey from, email Thank you to the 46% of Local 600 members who completed the IATSE Bargaining Survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who are the 13 Hollywood Locals?

The bargaining unit is made up of the thirteen Hollywood Locals, including the three national Locals 600, 700 and 800. The negotiations are broken into two parts: Local negotiations and General negotiations. Local negotiations, which take place prior to the General negotiations, address proposals that are specific to a Local Union. An example of a Local issue is the mandatory staffing of a Still Photographer. Our National Executive Director has been the chief spokesperson during these negotiations. Benefits and meal breaks are examples of issues that are in General negotiations, as they affect all the Local Unions. During those negotiations, the bargaining unit is represented by the IATSE President Matt Loeb as chief negotiator, with Vice President Michael Miller assisting.

The 13 Hollywood Locals are as follows:

  • Property Craftspersons (44)
  • Studio Grips (80)
  • Cinematographers (600)
  • Sound (695)
  • Editors (700)
  • Costumers (705)
  • Make-Up & Hair (706)
  • Lighting Technicians (728)
  • Set Painters/Sign Writers (729)
  • Art Directors (800)
  • Script Supervisors (871)
  • Studio Teachers (884)
  • Costume Designers (892)

2) Are negotiations the same at every level?

No. There are two distinct negotiations:

Local Negotiations (individual Locals)
General Negotiations (all Hollywood Locals)

3) Who bargains the Basica Agreement for the 13 Hollywood Locals?

The IATSE bargains the Basic Agreement for the 13 Hollywood Locals.

4) Does a single entity bargain for all Hollywood Locals?

The 13 Hollywood Locals bargain their own Local Agreements.

5) Who bargains for the employer?

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) bargains for the employer. The AMPTP is a trade association that represents over 350 television and film producers in collective bargaining negotiations with entertainment industry trade unions that include, among others, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), SAG-AFTRA, the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America and the American Federation of Musicians.

6) Who is on the Bargaining Committee?

Bargaining Committee

Bargaining Committee Subcommittees

7) How can I send a question to the committee?

Email us at

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