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02 April 2020

To My Fellow NEB Representatives and Alternates,

I hope this email finds you safe and sane. At the last NEB meeting, I rolled out the 600 Strong website we put together to connect members in need with those who would like to volunteer. The responses I heard were overwhelmingly positive and I can’t thank you enough for that. Since then, IATSE has launched a website called IATSE Cares (www.iatsecares.org), which not only does exactly what we were trying to accomplish, but in some ways does it better. As a result, we would like to start steering our members towards this site when they are in need of help, want to engage in volunteer efforts, or are seeking the ability to connect with members by phone. More information will be forthcoming from National President John Lindley.

While a fair amount of work went into 600 Strong, all is not lost. We will be retooling that site shortly and it will become a landing page for community-member-led actions that are happening all across the country. In New York City, Nicco Giaquinto is organizing film workers into volunteer efforts and in Los Angeles, Andrew Brinkhaus, Joshua Cote, Chris Herr and Kevin Stiller are 3D printing face shields for healthcare workers.

These projects need our support, both financially and physically (in the form of deliveries) and some of you may even want to connect with these members and start your own initiatives. To that end, if you know of any members who are involved in community based projects, or any grass roots initiatives that are directed towards helping people including our members please email me at proteusmd@gmail.com and I’ll get them up on the site.

A lot of us feel helpless right now, yet there is so much that each of us can do. By signing up at www.IATSECares.org and supporting the efforts of our brothers and sisters on 600 Strong, we can all step up and help each other through these tough times. I am confident that our members will step up, and I know that we will all be stronger and more connected in the long run for having done so.

On our website you will find the latest updates on programs, resources and other information to assist you as we continue to identify issues and questions that members face surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our website frequently as information is constantly being added and updated.

Thanks for your time.

Stay Strong,
Dave Chameides

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