Still Standing: 80 Members Donate Stills to Help Hardship Fund
"Still Standing" a unique sale representing the diverse personal work and artistry of 80 Local 600 still photographers debuted online on September 4, 2020 (

Daytime TV's Abusive Work Culture
On Aug. 17, Warner Bros. Television confirmed that Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman, also the head writer, and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman were being dismissed following an investigation into workplace toxicity, sexual harassment and discrimination.

A Date with Emmy
The world of television will have its usual date with the Emmys this year – but the awards ceremony will be socially distanced and held virtually over the course of six nights.

Underserved Students Start Careers in Entertainment, Tech Industries
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Often, the hardest part of starting a career is just getting your foot in the door. It can be especially hard if you are young and live in an underserved community. There's one program that's offering a solution - and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Hollywood Execs Talk Setbacks During Pandemic

Insurance for a $60 million film has increased tenfold in the age of COVID-19. And that’s just one of many changes film industry professionals have had to face.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Predicts Yearlong Intermission Between Vaccine Arrival And Maskless Theater
A COVID-19 vaccine would likely not be an immediate, complete solution to Broadway’s woes, suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci, who noted in an interview this week that it could take a year of reliable vaccine usage before theatergoers could safely attend shows without masks.

As Hollywood reopens, COVID-19 liability waivers proliferate
As many production companies attempt to resume filming, many are asking crews to give up the right to make any claims against them if they get sick with COVID-19.

How ‘Mulan’ Cinematographer Framed the Epic Battle Scenes
Niki Caro’s epic live-action remake is finally hitting Disney Plus on Sept. 4 at the cost of $29.99 to subscribers. The film will be made free later on in the year, this December on the regular service.

Pandemic Impact on Netflix's Indie and Doc Businesses

Charlie Kaufman’s existential drama I’m Thinking of Ending Things, the Barack and Michelle Obama-produced documentary Crip Camp and a holiday romantic comedy aptly titled Holidate all have one thing in common: Lisa Nishimura.

10 Questions with Tim Nagasaw
As a DIT for major projects like Ray Donovan, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Spider-Man 3, Tim Nagasawa’s job takes him around the world. But he counts himself lucky that he was back home in Southern California when a “shelter in place” order came down. “I’d just finished six months of living in Williamsburg, NY (Brooklyn), and working in New York City,” he recalls, “and was prepping for my next project.

Petrov’s Perspective on Unions
Sam Petrov’s work vehicle license plate says it all: “UNI♥︎NS.” To say that the LA-based DIT has strong feelings for labor unions would be a serious understatement.

COVID-19: Member Resources & Updates
Guidance Posted on Requirements to Protect Workers from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Industry Execs Discuss Outlook for Future Growth
The second season of “Rebooting the Entertainment Industry,” sponsored by PwC and Ad Council, will begin its five-episode run on Sept. 15. “Rebooting the Entertainment Industry” is a weekly series in the Variety Streaming Room exploring how the entertainment industry is refocusing and redefining business during significant COVID-19 disruptions.

UE Claims Plummet for Entertainment Sector
EXCLUSIVE: The pace of initial unemployment claims for Californians previously working in the state’s arts, entertainment and recreation sector has slowed dramatically in recent weeks, falling for three consecutive weeks to the lowest levels since the coronavirus pandemic shut down venues across the state and the country in mid-March.

Unions, Producers Closing in On ‘Return-To-Work’ Deal
Hollywood’s unions and management’s Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers are “very close to an agreed upon framework for a safe return to work,” an industry source tells Deadline.

Balancing Life with Yoga
A few days a week, Lauren “Renni” Pollock – a 2ndAC and Local 600 member since 2013 — breaks the monotony of quarantine by teaching an hour-long yoga session via Zoom from her living room.  Joining her are up to a dozen people including friends, colleagues and occasionally someone she doesn’t know. They Zoom in from Portland, Oregon, from L.A., even from as far away as Amsterdam where a teacher friend of Pollock’s now lives.

New Hope for Women of Color in Hollywood

It started with a hashtag. This summer as nationwide calls for racial and social justice hit a fever pitch, Thuc Nguyen, founder of The Bitch Pack, and Cheryl L. Bedford, founder of Women of Color Unite, teamed on a new mentorship concept to help pump Hollywood’s diversity pipeline.

Two Women Activists Urge Businesses to Connect With Community

Dolores Huerta and Angélique Kidjo have close to a century of experience between them raising their voices to demand human rights.

BLM Co-Founder Calls for 1-Day Strike Over Jacob Blake
Following Tuesday night’s historic sports strike — which started with the Milwaukee Bucks boycotting their playoff game in solidarity with police shooting victim Jacob Blake — Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is making a call for similar action in Hollywood.

Navigating to the Next Normal
David Bowie’s classic song, “Space Oddity,” reportedly inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, related the experiences of Major Tom, a fictional space traveler, who found himself “floating ’round my tin can, far above the moon.

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