The Rebel Alliance: SAG and the WGA Owe Other Unions a Debt. How Will They Repay It?
Members of IATSE, as well their brethren in the Teamsters, have become fixtures on New York and Los Angeles picket lines, fighting a war that isn’t theirs. 

2023 Work Stoppage Resources
With both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA on strike, your Local will continue to provide the most up-to-date list of resources available for those experiencing financial hardship.

Marvel Studios VFX Workers Vote Unanimously To Unionize With IATSE
Visual effects workers at Marvel Studios and seven of its subsidiaries have voted 32-0 to unionize with IATSE in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. The union called the unanimous vote an “historic first” for the industry’s VFX workforce.

VFX Workers At Walt Disney Pictures Seek Unionization With IATSE
Visual effects workers at Walt Disney Pictures are seeking to unionize with IATSE, which says that a supermajority of the 18 in-house VFX crewmembers employed there have signed cards with the National Labor Relations Board seeking to be represented by the union. Walt Disney Pictures is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios.

WGA Slams Studios’ Latest Offer & Meeting As Attempt To Make Guild “Cave”
Just hours after the studios and streamers made public their latest “comprehensive package” towards a deal with the striking WGA, the guild has responded – and its seems the AMPTP and top CEOs may have strategically overplayed their hand.

Interview with "Barbie" Director of Photography Rodrigo Prieto

‘Barbie’ Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto Explains the Rules That Conjured the ‘Artificial Reality’ of Barbie Land

‘The Shining,’ the Steadicam, and the Man Who Changed Filmmaking (for the Better)
Garrett Brown, Stanley Kubrick, and the decade when Steadicam forever altered the language of camera movement. 

25th Emerging Cinematographer Awards Honorees Announced
ICG has named eight honorees for its 25th Annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA).

Teamsters: Nationwide UPS Strike is Imminent
Today, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters walked away from the national bargaining table and officially demanded UPS exchange its last, best, and final offer no later than June 30.

300-Plus Actors Sign Letter Urging SAG-AFTRA Leaders To “Make Clear Our Resolve” In Contract Talks
More than 300 actors including many big names have signed a letter to SAG-AFTRA leadership urging them to take a hard line in the negotiations for a new film and TV contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

DGA Members Ratify Contract With 87% Voting in Favor
The DGA announced Friday that 87% of the membership had voted in favor of the agreement, with 41% turnout. The guild said the turnout was the highest ever for a ratification vote, with 6,728 members voting out of 16,321 eligible.

COVID-19: Member Resources & Updates
Guidance Posted on Requirements to Protect Workers from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SAG-AFTRA Members Vote 97.9% in Favor of Strike Authorization
The membership of SAG-AFTRA has voted overwhelmingly to approve a strike authorization, maximizing the guild’s leverage ahead of negotiations that begin on Wednesday.

SAG-AFTRA’s National Board Votes Unanimously To Ask Members For Strike Authorization
SAG-AFTRA’s national board voted unanimously today to recommend that the union’s members authorize a strike in advance of its upcoming negotiations for a new film and TV contract.

What the Directors Guild Will Fight for as Talks With Studios Begin
On Wednesday top negotiators for the Directors Guild of America will travel to Sherman Oaks to begin hammering out a deal with studios and streamers that is sure to be one of the most momentous in the union’s recent history.

Writers Strike: Other Guilds Pledge Support For WGA Amid Work Stoppage
The Writers Guild strike no longer is looming but here, and guilds in Hollywood, entertainment and other fields are weighing in to show their support for the WGA in its labor action against the studios. Here is what we’re hearing so far.

DGA Calls for Studios and Streamers to Reach “Fair and Reasonable Agreement” With Writer
The Directors Guild of America is calling on studios and streamers to reach a “fair and reasonable agreement” with industry writers as rumors of a potential strike continue to circulate.

SAG-AFTRA Unanimously Votes to “Strongly” Support WGA in Its Contract Negotiations
"It is long past time for the studios, streamers, and other employers in the entertainment industry to remove roadblocks to fair and equitable wages and working conditions," a resolution from the performers’ union read.

WGA Approves Strike Authorization With 97.9% Voting Yes
The Writers Guild of America has passed a strike authorization vote with 97.85% voting in favor, giving union leadership the power to call a strike once the contract expires on May 1.

Local 600 at NAB Las Vegas
Local 600 to host panels and reception at the 2023 NAB Show in Vegas. 

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