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Guidance Posted on Requirements to Protect Workers from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Local 600 Lends Expertise to “Chicago Made”
A new and exciting workforce development program in Chicago is turning out to be a win-win both for the Windy City and its film industry. The program, which spans disciplines, is titled Chicago Made, and Local 600 is playing a vital role in identifying and mentoring two new digital utilities who will eventually become Local 600 members.

Meet the DP Whose ‘Controlled Naturalism’ is Changing TV
Television, obviously, is a medium of pictures. Yet for many, many years, owing to technical, practical and economic reasons, the pictures were not much to look at: flatly lighted, stolidly framed, fashioned to convey dialogue, broad action and necessary information but rarely to communicate mood or tell their own sort of story.

Partners: Guillermo del Toro & Cinematographer Dan Laustsen
In the mid-1990s, soon after making his Spanish-language debut “Cronos,” director Guillermo del Toro tried his monster-friendly hand at an American studio film for the first time. But working with Miramax on “Mimic,” a sci-fi horror movie about a plague of cockroaches in Manhattan, left behind a bitter first taste of Hollywood for the burgeoning Mexican auteur.

ICG Publicists Awards Nominees Announced
The International Cinematographers Guild (ICG, IATSE Local 600) has announced its final list of award nominations for the 59th Annual ICG Publicists Awards, honoring individual publicists, unit still photographers and entertainment journalists that bring motion picture and television publicity campaigns to life.

Building Connections with Peers and Their Union
The newest iteration of the Local 600 Mentorship Program is being labeled as a “pilot program.” But pilots are known for taking flight, and that outcome is every bit what Local 600 staff and committee members are hoping will happen with this new program in its efforts to enrich members’ careers and increase union solidarity.

Oscar Cinematography Survey: Top Cameras and Lenses Used
IndieWire reached out to the directors of photography whose films are in awards contention and are among the most critically acclaimed films of the year to find out which cameras and lenses they used and, more importantly, why these were the right tools to create the visual language of their respective films.

Nominations for the 2022 IATSE YW Conference Now Open!
Nominations are now open for the 2022 Young Workers Committee Conference! After this unprecedented year for our union, we anticipate more interest than ever for Local Unions to nominate Young Workers to attend our 2022 Young Workers Committee Conference (YWCC)

That’s a Wrap! 2021 in Review
In January 2021, following the inauguration of President Biden and the release of his COVID-19 vaccination plan, the union facilitated a letter to President Biden and the White Houses’ COVID task force offering the IA’s infrastructure and labor to build field vaccination sites.

Matrix Resurrections DP Daniele Massaccesi on Embracing Natural Light
Lana Wachowski is embracing quantum magic moments now. In the past, "The Matrix Resurrections" director wanted to control the image and the light as much as possible.

‘Nightmare Alley’ DP Dan Laustsen on Filming the Movie
If you’re a fan of cinematographer Dan Laustsen and want to hear how Nightmare Alley was made and the way he works with Guillermo del Toro, I’m about to make you very happy. Shortly before Nightmare Alley was released, I landed an extended and wide-ranging interview with Laustsen.

Succession Season 3 Cinematography
On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, Succession season 3 cinematographers Christopher Norr and Patrick Capone talk about the show’s multi-camera handheld-style and natural lighting.

Local 600 Launches Pilot Mentorship Program
Local 600 launches Pilot Mentorship Program

The Holiday Season: Opportunities to Make a Difference
Local 600 has compiled a list of fantastic organizations to donate to this holiday season.

How ‘Harder They Fall’ DP Creates World of Contrasts
The leaders of two outlaw gangs have bloody scores to settle. Set in the late 1800s in the American West, the Netflix feature The Harder They Fall follows Nat Love (Jonathan Majors), Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) and their respective cohorts as they head toward a final showdown. Director Jeymes Samuel did not want the movie to look like any other Western, and that was fine with cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. and production designer Martin Whist.

'Insecure' DP Ava Berkofsky on Creating The Show's Iconic Visual Style
One of Ava Berkofsky’s most memorable “Insecure” moments ended up being a perfect visual metaphor for the show’s farewell season.

Metaverse and Media: Impact on the Entertainment Industry

Everyone is saying it, but does anyone really know what it means?

That’s the question many media execs probably have at the moment about the “metaverse,” which has been touted by some futurists as something that will fundamentally change the way businesses digitally interact with consumers.

DP Jeff Cronenweth expands visual style of Aaron Sorkin
Aaron Sorkin and Oscar-nominated cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth first became acquainted on the set of David Fincher’s “The Social Network.”

Why Chris Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ Could Be the Last of Its Kind
Christopher Nolan’s next movie “Oppenheimer,” a $100 million-budgeted historical drama about physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and the creation of the atomic bomb, could be considered one of an endangered species.

EnergaCamerimage: Cinematographers Pay Tribute to Halyna Hutchins
Colleagues of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the DP fatally shot on the set of “Rust” in New Mexico last month in an apparent accidental discharge of a prop gun, paid tribute to her vision and skill at the EnergaCamerimage Film Festival, an event dedicated to the art of cinematography, on Sunday.

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