Our Mission

To fight effectively for fair wages, sustainable benefits, a safe workplace, respect for craft and retirement with dignity for our members and their families using every tool at our disposal. 

Success requires us to promote solidarity within our membership and the greater IATSE, to establish and reinforce alliances and bonds that strengthen the larger labor movement and to build coalitions with other groups that share our values and support our initiatives. 

Every decision made, every dollar spent, and every initiative launched by our elected leaders and staff should be directly linked to the pursuit of that goal. We will pursue legislative and regulatory solutions when contractual solutions are insufficient. Subject matter expertise, strategies and fact-based analysis will be applied to all decision making. The resources provided by the members will be expended and aligned with the priorities set by them. 

Our commitment to clear, open, and respectful communication and personal and organizational accountability is integral to achieving this mission and advancing these labor principles. 

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Our Mission

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