No matter what your party affiliation or where you stand on many of today’s issues, as union members we come together to fight for wages, health care, pensions and safety at the workplace. We all want a safety net that actually catches working families. We need to VOTE, and we need to vote in our own and our families’ best interest. There are many challenges this year—the Pandemic, voter suppression and confusion over ballot safety.

We want 600 members to be informed voters. We want 600 members to be early voters. This page will help you do both.


This page will help you get information on the following: 

  • How to find out if you are registered
  • How to register if you are not
  • Registration deadlines by state 
  • Online registration
  • How to get an Absentee or Vote-by-Mail ballot
  • When early voting starts by state and mail voting deadlines
  • Poll times

If you are not going to a polling place, then VOTE EARLY to ensure your ballot gets there before the state deadlines. Here's what you should do:

  1. Get Your Ballot when eligible;
  2. As soon as you get it, fill it out;
  3. As soon as you can mail it or deliver it to an appropriate voting box; and
  4. Make sure your family and friends vote!

Be Heard! VOTE!

You won’t just be voting for President or your Senator/Congressperson this year. There are also down ballot races and propositions that are critical to 600 members. These races are also critical. Some of the most important workplace issues are decided in State Capitols. 

How do I make sure I vote? Here are some links to help you:

STEP #1  -  Register to Vote If you are not sure whether you are registered to vote, you can check your voter registration status, polling stations or get tips to secure your vote on the IATSE Voter Toolkit page. It will take you right to the Secretary of State website for your state. It will show you the registration deadlines in your state. It will let you either register online or request an application. You will also find the vote by mail information for your state.

STEP #2  -  Vote by Mail & Vote Early The two sites BELOW will tell you how to get a vote by mail ballot in your state, or whether your state will automatically send you a ballot. Since every state has different election rules,  it’s important to check the deadlines and requirements for voting by mail in your state:

STEP # 3  -  If you are voting at a polling place or on Election Day: Many states provided EARLY VOTING – you can go to a designated polling place before election day at set times and hours. If you want to vote in person and your state makes that possible, do it. More information here.

STEP # 4  -  Follow your Ballot here.

IATSE Advocacy Resources

IATSE Advocacy Resource Summary
This one-page directory contains brief descriptions of all the political/legislative advocacy resources the International has developed for IATSE local use, along with direct links for you to access them.

Framing the 2022 Midterm Elections
This messaging resource provides clear-cut examples of how pro-worker Congressional Democrats have delivered for IATSE families over the past two years and it lays out what’s at stake in 2022 from the perspective of the IATSE. The resource directs members to the IATSE Voter Toolkit in order to make their voice heard, register and vote!

Support the IATSE PAC

More information

Why Politics Matter

In the past, issues related to our jobs and industry were addressed primarily through collective bargaining. Now, however, Local 600 has increasingly turned to the legislative and regulatory process to solve problems that affect working families. This is most apparent in efforts around state incentive programs, but we've also used political action to protect and expand access to state disability and family leave programs, contain health care costs and prohibit restrictive pre-hire employment contracts. Our union is most effective when it advocates at every arena where potential solutions can be achieved.

Your union should be involved politically in areas that impact your work life. Whether it's ensuring sustainable and affordable benefits, making sure you can access state and federal programs, or strengthening safety protections, disability benefits or cost transparency when seeking emergency medical care, Local 600 is committed to fighting for state and local legislation and regulations that serve us, and battling those that do not.