The Human Face of Unsafe Hours

The video above illustrates the dangers of fatigue that workers in our industry face as a result of unsafe hours and inadequate rest periods. This crosses craft and union lines and has the potential to impact every person working on set. Driving while drowsy after working long or irregular workdays is a safety issue that must be addressed. It is important that we never forget the human toll imposed by this practice.

As these stories illustrate, there is no doubt this ongoing safety issue will continue to have fatal consequences if the practice does not change. Please watch this video, share it and help carry the message that no job, task or take is more important than everybody getting home safely. 

At Local 600 both our Safety Committee and Unsafe Hours Working Group have made this issue a priority. Thanks to the men and women who shared stories, and to the families who generously offered their photographs of their loved ones. 
Thank you and be safe.

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